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Learn to Optimize Your Localized Website for SEO at Adobe’s AEM Summit

Currently, up to 95% of online content is only available in one language. There are various reasons for this such as lack of time, money, and expertise. Automatic translation is increasingly leveraged to fill this gap – whether as a solution in and of itself, or as a first pass for human translation. As the quality of automatic translation continues to increase, Microsoft Translator has recognized the value of using automatic translation for the localization of long-tail web content. This allows businesses to ensure that their translated content is discoverable worldwide on search engines such as

At the AEM Multilingual SIG Event hosted by Adobe, Microsoft Translator’s Group Program Manager Chris Wendt tackled the complicated issue of SEO aware translations. The event explored how to manage your automatic translation assets to not only translate your web content but to make sure it truly reaches a global audience. Other topics of the conference included the AEM roadmap for multilingual features, and improving global customer experience.

View the presentation slides and video here.