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Microsoft Translator Blog

Assistive Technology podcast: Will Lewis talks about Microsoft Translator’s role in bridging communication gaps

Will Lewis, Principal Technical Program Manager with Microsoft Translator, spoke with the Indiana Assistive Technology Act (INDATA) Project at Easter Seals Crossroads about why Translator is an important assistive technology tool, and how this tool can impact how we engage and communicate with one another.   You have someone who is visiting from China, they don’t speak English.  How do….

Webinar: Learn how to use PubNub’s Translator BLOCK to build translation capabilities into your apps

PubNub, a company that offers real-time infrastructure-as-a-service, has partnered with Microsoft Translator and integrated our latest text API into its offering.   Now, developers can leverage Translator’s newest features and capabilities through ChatEngine, an open and extensible chat SDK and APIs for building 1:1 group chats quickly. Register here and watch the free webinar – “Serverless Language Translation On-the-Fly with….