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Announcing intelligent message translation in Microsoft Teams for mobile devices

Making Teams for iOS & Android mobile devices the best tool for multi-lingual collaboration with intelligent chat message translation. Effective collaboration and communication in a chat requires tools and features that understand who you are, where and how you like to communicate. Microsoft Teams on mobile devices can understand customers’ preferred languages and how customers like to interact with their….

Announcing live translation for captions in Microsoft Teams

We’re excited to announce the availability of live translation for captions. With this new feature, users can fully participate in meetings where the spoken language(s) may not be familiar or their most comfortable language to understand. Now meeting participants can read the live captions translated to their language of preference. Using Microsoft Speech Translation technology powered by Azure Cognitive Services,….

Transitioning the Microsoft Translator web app to a simplified experience

The Microsoft Translator web app, which offers translated multi-device conversation sessions will be transitioning to a simplified experience towards the end of 2022. In keeping with our goal to provide users with the best translation experience possible and maintaining consistency with our Translator mobile apps, the upcoming web app will no longer require a login account. This means that the….

Translate scanned PDF documents with Document translation

Today, the Document translation feature of Translator, a Microsoft Azure Cognitive Service, adds the ability to translate PDF documents containing scanned image content, eliminating the need for customers to preprocess them through an OCR engine before translation. Document translation was made generally available last year, May 25, 2021, allowing customers to translate entire documents and batches of documents into more than 110….

Introducing Faroese translation for Faroese Flag Day!

Today, we’re introducing Faroese text and document translation to Microsoft Translator! This announcement comes as the Faroe Islands celebrate Flag Day—an annual holiday to commemorate the international recognition of the Faroese flag during World War II. Faroese text translation is available now in the Microsoft Translator apps, Translator for Bing, and Office. Using Translator, a Microsoft Azure Cognitive Service you….

Break the language barrier with Translator — now with two new languages!

Today we’re adding two new languages, Basque and Galician, to the list of languages supported by Translator, a Microsoft Azure Cognitive Service. Basque and Galician are both Western European languages spoken by 750,000 and 2.4 million people respectively. Basque is a language isolate, meaning it is not related to any other modern language. Basque is spoken in northern Spain and….

Translator welcomes two new languages: Somali and Zulu!

Today, we’re adding two new languages to Translator’s ever-growing list of languages—Somali and Zulu! Somali and Zulu text translation is available now in the Microsoft Translator apps, Office, and Translator for Bing. Using Translator, a Microsoft Azure Cognitive Service you can add Somali and Zulu text translation to your apps, websites, workflows, and tools; or use Translator’s Document Translation feature to translate entire documents,….

Breakthrough Z-Code Mixture of Experts models now live in Translator

Translator is now adopting Z-Code models, a breakthrough AI technology that significantly improves the quality of production translation models.  Z-code models utilize a new architecture called Mixture of Experts (MoE) which enables models to learn to translate between multiple languages at the same time.  This opens the way to high quality machine translation beyond high-resource languages and improves the quality….

Microsoft Translator and Group Transcribe apps can help bridge the communication gap

When traveling to a different country, especially in times of crisis, the availability of speech-to-speech translation is critical for communication. Human translators may not always be available to assist in translation, however. The Microsoft Translator and Group Transcribe apps can bridge this gap, helping people communicate across language barriers through one-on-one and multi-device conversation translation, powered by Translator, a Microsoft….

Translator celebrates International Mother Language Day by adding Upper Sorbian

Today marks the celebration of the 22nd annual International Language Day, a yearly event held to promote the preservation and protection of languages around the world. In honor of International Mother Language Day, we are introducing a new language to the ever-growing list of Translator languages—welcome Upper Sorbian! Adding Upper Sorbian to Translator was made possible by the Sorbian language….

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