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Microsoft Translator Adds Tamil as a Supported Language

Microsoft Translator is excited to announce the launch of our latest text translation language: Tamil.

Tamil is spoken by over 70 million native speakers throughout the Indian subcontinent and around the globe. Whether you’re using the Microsoft Translator apps, add-ins, or API on Azure, the addition of Tamil helps break the language barrier of communication worldwide and within the Indian subcontinent itself.

Meenakshi Temple. Madurai, Tamil Nadu, India

Communicating To and From Tamil: Apps & Add-Ins

Learn how to start communicating to and from Tamil through our apps and add-ins below. Click here to view our complete list of over 60 text translation languages – including other Indian subcontinent languages such as Bengali, Hindi, and Urdu – and our ten speech translation languages.


Microsoft Translator App

Text translation. Communicate to and from Tamil into over 60 text translation languages.

Multi-person conversation translation using the live feature. While traveling abroad, you can have live, real-time conversations with people who speak other languages, on your own device, in your chosen language. Let’s say you speak one of these ten speech translation languages, such as Spanish, and want to have a conversation with a Tamil speaker. You can speak Spanish into your phone, and the Spanish audio will be translated into Tamil text on the other person’s device! This also works in reverse: the Tamil speaker can type* into their device and reply to the conversation, and the Spanish speaker receives the response in Spanish. This scenario is not limited to two devices or two languages of course. To learn more about the Translator live feature go to

Phrasebooks for travel, directions, greetings, and emergency situations. Use the built-in Phrasebook feature for commonly used phrases for travel bookings, directions, dining, and much more.

Pin and save your most frequent translations for later. When you pin a frequently translated phrase, it is saved to your Favorites section within the Phrasebook. When you “star” or pin a translation, it will also appear in your Favorites.

Translate websites on Safari using the Microsoft Translator browser extension for iOS. When you download the Translator app on iOS, you automatically have access to the Safari translation feature. Open the app, tap Settings, and choose your Safari Translation Language. After choosing your language, open any localized website in Safari, tap the Share button, and the Microsoft Translator icon to translate the web content.

Translate text directly in other apps using the contextual text translation extension. There’s no need to switch to the Translator app to translate text! If you have the Translator app downloaded onto your device, this feature will automatically translate text within other apps. Simply highlight the text, tap the Share button, and tap the Microsoft Translator icon to see the translation.
Download the app on Android, iOS, or Windows.


Presentation Translator for PowerPoint (Windows only)

PowerPoint users can now display live, translated subtitles in Tamil by speaking in one of the 10 supported speech translation languages. Presentation Translator for PowerPoint gives audience members the opportunity to follow along on their own device, in their chosen text language. Download and learn more.

Translator for Outlook add-in

Translate email messages to and from Tamil across devices using an or Office365 email address. Read our blog for a complete list of features, and download the add-in here.

Translator for Microsoft Edge

Translate web pages to Tamil from over 60 other languages using the Microsoft Edge web browser for Windows 10. Download the extension here.

Translator for Microsoft Word

Translate entire Word documents into over 60 text translation languages. Translated text opens in a new Word document – maintaining original formatting, including tracked changes and comments!


Tamil Translation for Businesses

The Microsoft Translator text API helps with native translation support for solutions businesses market to sectors such as manufacturing, retail, education, and government services.

Part of Azure’s family of Cognitive Services AI-powered APIs, businesses can easily integrate Translator in their business process such as web localization, internal communication, or customer support.

To learn more about Microsoft Translator for business, visit the Microsoft Translator API website.


*Tamil speech to text not yet available.