Create the perfect present for Father's Day

Father's Day is the perfect time to show your love and gratitude for your father or the father figure in your life who's worked hard to provide everything you need (including dad jokes). So whether you want to honor your dad, stepdad, uncle, grandfather, or a special relationship, we've got you covered with this free "Business of Fatherhood" PowerPoint template.

Use this opportunity to celebrate your family and to highlight all the things you love about your dad.

Collect your stuff

Here are some items you'll want to have handy for customizing your presentation:

  • photo and video files of the person you're celebrating, at least from the last few years, but even better if you can get a handful spanning several years or even decades.
  • a photo of each family member.

Create your customized presentation

Use the template to guide you: Personalize it for your family.

  • Team introduction: Your family is the team. Get creative and have fun giving everyone job titles based on their personalities or role in the family.
  • Create an animated GIF: You've seen them online, now you can create your own. Choose some fun photos to animate, and make it a meme by adding some funny text.
  • What is your dad made of? Create a playful pie chart that shows how much fashion sense, trivia recall, and unconditional support he has, or update it with the personality traits that you love about your dad.
  • Celebrate the "dad-isms": Document and rank the funny sayings, sage advice, and corny puns to show you're listening and appreciate the advice.
  • Collect thanks from the whole family: Dedicate a slide (or more) for thoughtful notes from the rest of the family so they can share what they love about dad.
Team introduction slide example

Make your own presentation now

Get started today with what you already have—team introduction, what your dad is made of, dad-isms, and more. Start with the fun stuff and fill in more over the next few days.

Practice your presentation: If you plan on presenting your PowerPoint deck to dad, practice ahead of time with Presenter Coach. You'll get a report evaluating of your pacing, pitch, use of filler words like "um," culturally sensitive terms, and other presentation skills.

Schedule your call time: If you don't live with dad, or want to invite other family members to join in, schedule a Skype call to bring everyone together.

Put dad on the big screen: If you're presenting in person, try to connect your computer to a TV to display your presentation large enough for the whole room to enjoy. You may need a specialty cable, so check the back of your TV and your computer outputs to make sure you're prepared (here's information for Surface devices).

Have experts design your presentation for free: If you're too busy to pull together your Father's Day presentation, Microsoft has PowerPoint experts standing by to help. See how

The big day! Presenting to your dad

Present your PowerPoint deck in person or on Skype

  • If you're getting together in a Skype call, be sure to select the screen sharing button before starting your presentation so everyone can see it. More info on sharing your screen in Skype
  • If you're presenting in person (or doing both an in-person and a Skype call at the same time), you might want to project your computer screen to a TV so everyone in the room can see. Press the Windows key + P, and then choose a way to project:
    • PC screen only
    • Duplicate
    • Extend
    • Second screen only
  • Or, if your TV is wireless, select Connect to a wireless display.

Share the presentation in email

Within the presentation, there are instructions on how to save it as an animated GIF that you can email to friends and family. Or save it to OneDrive and send a link.

Share the presentation on social media

To share on social media sites, save the PowerPoint presentation as a video file, and if you'd like, you can add some background music too.

Here's how to add background music to the presentation (optional).

  1. Select the first slide.
  2. Select Insert > Audio > Audio on My PC.
  3. Select the music file you want to use and select Insert. The file is placed on the first slide and is selected (don't worry, it won't be visible in the video).
  4. Under AUDIO TOOLS > PLAYBACK, select Play in Background.

For more detailed instructions and other audio options, see:
Add or delete audio in your PowerPoint presentation
Play music across multiple slides in your slide show
Play music or other sounds automatically when a slide appears

To save your presentation as a video, follow these steps:

  1. Select File > Export > Create a Video
  2. Choose the file size (we recommend HD or higher but be aware that social sites have file size upload limits—if you have a long presentation, you may want to choose a smaller file size).
  3. Select how many seconds you want for each slide in Seconds spent on each slide (keep in mind how many slides total you have to figure out the total length of your video).
  4. Select Create Video. Choose a spot to save it, and make sure the Save as file type box says MPEG-4 Video. Then celebrate dad all you want on social media.

Share your GIFs on social media

If you created any animated GIFs of dad, post them to Facebook and Instagram or other social media sites. Just email the GIF to yourself, download from your email to your phone, and post away!

Chart and pie graph showing dad trails

Show dad some love

Start creating your custom presentation now. Begin by brainstorming the fun stuff—team introduction, what your dad is made of, dad-isms, and more, and then fill in the rest as you think of it later.

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