Meet the people leading the charge

Image of Krysta Svore

Krysta Svore, Ph.D.

Krysta, a Kavli Fellow of the National Academy of Science, designed one of the earliest software stacks for quantum computing and developed the first thresholds for local quantum error correction.

Image of Michael Freedman

Michael Freedman, Ph.D.

Michael is a Fields medalist who pioneered topological quantum computation. He founded Station Q, the Microsoft-led global research consortium that got us where we are today.

Image of Doug Carmean

Doug Carmean

Doug architected the Intel Xeon line of processors, and now works with the team to explore the role of computer architectures in the context of complete quantum systems.

Image of Charlie Marcus

Charlie Marcus, Ph.D.

Charlie is a preeminent physicist, guiding the field as Director of the Center for Quantum Devices at the Niels Bohr Institute. His research primarily focuses on quantum coherence in electron devices and solid-state implementations of quantum information-processing systems.

Image of Leo Kouwenhoven

Leo Kouwenhoven, Ph.D.

Leo was knighted by the King in the Netherlands for his groundbreaking research in nanophysics. He was the first to see evidence of the Majorana quasiparticle, which laid the groundwork for topological qubits.

Image of Todd Holmdahl

Todd Holmdahl

Todd is one of the masterminds behind Xbox and Kinect, and he’s been working with the team to create the first commercial quantum computers running on topological qubits.

Image of Matthias Troyer

Matthias Troyer, Ph.D.

Matthias was awarded the Rahman Prize in Computational Physics for his pioneering work in many seemingly intractable areas of quantum physics and quantum algorithms.

Image of Chetan Nayak

Chetan Nayak, Ph.D.

Chetan is a world-renowned condensed-matter physicist laying the foundations for our topological quantum technology.

Image of David Reilly

David Reilly, Ph.D.

David has pioneered techniques to bridge the gap between fundamental quantum physics and the engineering approaches needed to scale quantum devices into quantum machines.

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