Understanding our progress against COVID-19

To help provide full transparency into COVID-19 trends around the world, we have created these interactive visualizations based on publicly available data. Explore the maps below including Vaccinations, Progress to Zero, Rt, Spread Analysis, Testing, and Risk Levels.

To navigate the Power BI map with your keyboard:

  • Tab to the report
  • Tab to the “Sections” in the report
  • From a “Section”, use [CTRL]+[right arrow] to access the data in each section
  • Press [Esc] to exit section
  • Press [Esc] twice to exit the report

To interact with the Power BI at full size, select the Full Screen icon at the bottom of the Power BI frame.

Additional Key Metrics: P0, Spread Analysis, Testing, and Risk Levels

Our response to COVID-19

These interactive visualizations are part of Microsoft AI for Health, an initiative to advance the health of people and communities around the world. This five-year commitment was created to empower nonprofits, researchers and organizations with AI and data science.

About the initiative

We have mobilized AI for Health to focus on helping people who are on the front lines conducting COVID-19 research. And we are dedicating $20 million to the following five areas where we think data, analysis, and our expertise can have the biggest impact:

  • Data and insights
  • Treatment and diagnostics
  • Allocation of resources
  • Dissemination of accurate
  • Scientific research

Visualization data sources

A special thanks to the organizations providing publicly available data that enabled us to create and share these interactive visualizations.