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3 ways to achieve more with Microsoft intelligent telecommunications

Assessing priorities

The near-term priorities of most telecommunications business leaders often include:

  • Improving customer service to address the ever-increasing expectations of the modern consumer
  • Driving new business models to respond to both new competitive threats and the erosion of legacy revenue streams
  • Reducing the cost and complexity of operations to improve network efficiency and support the rapid introduction of new services

Through an intelligent cloud built on a trusted and highly secure platform, telecommunications organizations can address these priorities and achieve better customer experiences that reduce churn and drive loyalty, streamline operations with improved network reliability and efficiency, and gain deeper insights to capitalize on emerging business opportunities and unlock new revenue streams.

Three ways to achieve more

Deliver personalized experiences

Give your employees a 360-degree, cross-channel view of the customer with real-time operational data. This will help them to make proactive decisions and deliver a consistent customer experience. By using predictive analytics, you can connect your customers with relevant products and services. Augmenting customer service with AI and chatbots will deliver better service, organization, responsiveness, and productivity and enable collaboration to flow more securely across multiple roles and teams including employees, suppliers, and partners.

Provide agile operations

Rapidly support new services while increasing network scalability, efficiency, and reliability on an intelligent digital platform. The cloud allows you to scale and leverage advanced analytics to drive down costs and avoid service disruptions while quickly replicating products and services. Democratizing technologies such as network edge compute (NEC), mobile edge computing (MEC), and the Internet of Things (IoT) allows you to deliver new service innovation and increase productivity while lowering operational costs and empowering field technicians with next-generation field services.

Accelerate innovation and growth

Know your customers, create new and exciting telecommunications services, and go to market faster with what your customers really want. By providing marketing services and product development with predictive and accurate real-time insights, you can better understand your customers and create new revenue lines to compete, cross-sell, and up-sell. Innovative ideas for monetization and over-the-top partnerships will also help to create an open platform offering rich, new services across your customer segments.

Microsoft empowers telecommunications organizations to achieve these transformational outcomes by providing a trusted and secure platform supported by a comprehensive partner ecosystem and industry-leading solutions that deliver deeper insights, personalized experiences, agile operations, and accelerated business growth.

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