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Improve insurance risk modeling

Scale risk management and become more agile by delivering models faster, more efficiently, and cost effectively to help mitigate new risk and meet regulatory requirements.

Deliver risk models faster, more efficiently, and cost effectively

Leverage the cloud for optimal compute capacity

Scale compute capacity based on your actual needs and deliver outputs faster. Gain insights to better allocate capital and reserves across lines of business.

Run data and risk models with more control

Enable repeatability and line of sight to trace controls. Explore risk solutions and assessment software.

Utilize AI tools to model and analyze risk

Combine new sources of data efficiently including external data to deliver models faster, more efficiently, and cost effectively.

Explore insurance risk modeling and management solutions

Azure for risk modeling

Use improved predictive modeling to enhance risk management, price policies more effectively, optimize financial positions, and achieve faster insurance risk analytics.

A woman using predictive modeling software on her computer


Replace patchwork systems and processes with a unified risk modeling environment that runs on the cloud.

A person is looking at a desktop monitor that is connected to a laptop.

Willis Towers Watson Risk Agility

Manage risk and safeguard solvency. Model risk management at scale.

A tablet device showing data in different charts.

Moody’s AXIS Actuarial System

Get the flexibility to deploy large-scale compute power required for complex insurance risk analytics. Use for pricing, reserving, ALM, financial modeling, capital calculations, and hedging.

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