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Empowering employees with generative AI at their fingertips

Today’s business leaders are eager to embrace the transformative power of AI. Organizations worldwide are already reaping the benefits of their AI investments. The mean return on investment for companies worldwide is $3.50 for every $1.00 invested in AI, and 5% realized an average return of $8.00 for every dollar invested, according to research from International Data Corporation.

Generative AI combines natural language processing with a new reasoning engine to boost employee productivity and creativity. Copilot for Microsoft 365 harnesses the power of generative AI to connect knowledge stored across Microsoft 365 applications, helping employees find the information they need and so much more. This everyday AI companion frees up time for employees to focus on the work that matters most to them.

> Harnessing generative AI for productivity and innovation

> Protect at the scale and speed of AI with Copilot for Security

> Building the future faster with your everyday AI companion

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Harnessing generative AI for productivity and innovation

Amid the buzz about how AI is changing the workplace, business leaders are looking for more data about how this advanced technology is helping workers. As today’s employees deal with streams of emails and meetings, Copilot for Microsoft 365 provides an opportunity to improve workflows and fuel innovation. From operations to sales and finance to marketing, Copilot is empowering employees to be more productive, more creative, and more connected to the people around them.

New data from surveys of early Copilot for Microsoft 365 customers shows that productivity gains are real. Among those surveyed, 70% reported being more productive, and 71% said they saved time on administrative tasks. For example, healthcare researchers and data scientists can search a few key phrases with Copilot and quickly locate studies and predictive models to support projects. Employees in matrixed organizations with frequent meetings can use Copilot and Intelligent Recap in Microsoft Teams Premium to make high-quality meeting summaries available to all who need them.

Employees noted other benefits as well, with 68% of those surveyed reporting that Copilot improved the quality of their work and jump-started the creative process. “It helps [people] get to their ideas faster,” says James Thomas, Global Head of Technology at Dentsu Creative. “It’s not there to replace them. It’s just something they can use to supercharge their ideas.”

As an example, members of your marketing team can take an existing Microsoft Word document and prompt Copilot to transform it into a short Microsoft PowerPoint presentation, complete with visuals. In minutes, they have a polished presentation ready for customers or internal leadership.

Seventy-seven percent of early users said Copilot for Microsoft 365 was so useful that they did not want to give it up. Developers using GitHub Copilot for writing code have similarly positive views of the AI assistant. Of those surveyed, 88% reported that they were more productive with GitHub Copilot, and 74% said they were able to focus their time on more satisfying work.

Discover how to empower employees with more time to focus on innovation and creativity with Copilot for Microsoft 365

Protect at the scale and speed of AI with Copilot for Security

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The ever-increasing volume and velocity of cyberattacks requires new technologies to identify and thwart potential threats. The cybersecurity workforce is often stretched thin, but now they can close the gap at the speed of AI.

Security and privacy protection are integral parts of all Microsoft products, and Copilot for Security, available for early-access customers, is no exception. Copilot for Security is centered around making it simpler for your cybersecurity team to identify and mitigate potential threats. It seamlessly integrates and is natively embedded across Microsoft Security solutions to safeguard your entire organization, consuming signals from each security tool and providing natural language guidance to increase team efficiency and manage daily security and IT workflows.

Copilot for Security empowers your cyber defenders by improving the speed and accuracy with which they can complete tasks. When a security professional enters a prompt, the AI assistant generates custom insights for your organization based on your security tools. One survey of early users indicated that 44% were more accurate in answering questions about scripts used by the attacker, and 26% were faster across all tasks.

As the cyber threat landscape continues to evolve, Copilot for Security is your AI assistant built with security, privacy, and compliance. You still control your organizational data and can protect it at the scale and speed of AI.

Learn more about how Copilot for Security can simplify threat detection

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Building the future faster with your everyday AI companion

These initial gains in productivity, quality, and innovation are only the beginning for generative AI. Microsoft Copilot is ushering in a whole new era of workplace computing as your everyday AI companion. Seventy percent of workers are eager to delegate as many tasks as possible to AI, according to the Microsoft Work Trend Index. Incorporating Microsoft Copilot into the daily work routine is the first step on the journey to becoming an AI-powered organization.

With our commitment to responsible AI, Microsoft is here to help your organization unleash the power of AI-fueled innovation.

Begin the work transformation today with secure, responsible generative AI from Microsoft