Microsoft at CVPR 2021

Microsoft at CVPR 2021


Microsoft is proud to be a sponsor of the Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition (CVPR 2021) event.

Synthetic Data with Digital Humans

Microsoft Sponsor Session

Join Erroll Wood and Tadas Baltrusaitis from Microsoft’s Mixed Reality & AI Lab in Cambridge, UK, for a talk on how synthetics drives work on understanding human faces and hands, including how it powers Fully Articulated Hand Tracking on HoloLens 2.

Longuet-Higgins Prize Winner

Real-time human pose recognition in parts from single depth image
Jamie Shotton, Andrew Fitzgibbon, Mat Cook, Toby Sharp, Mark Finocchio, Richard Moore, Alex Kipman, Andrew Blake

Nominations for CVPR 2021 Best Paper Award

Privacy-Preserving Image Features via Adversarial Affine Subspace Embeddings
Mihai Dusmanu, Johannes L Schönberger, Sudipta Sinha, Marc Pollefeys

CoCosNet v2: Full-Resolution Correspondence Learning for Image Translation
Bo Zhang, Ting Zhang, Pan Zhang, Jianmin Bao, Dong Chen, Zhongfei Zhang, Fang Wen

Less Is More: ClipBERT for Video-and-Language Learning via Sparse Sampling
Jie Lei, Linjie Li, Luowei Zhou, Zhe Gan, Tamara Berg, Mohit Bansal, Jingjing Liu

Area Chairs

Mei Chen, Mentor for the Doctoral Consortium
Han Hu
Jingdong Wang
Jiaolong Yang
Cha Zhang


All times are in EDT (UTC -4)

Saturday, June 19, 2021

Workshop 10:00 17:40
EarthVision: Large Scale Computer Vision for Remote Sensing Imagery

Technical Committee: Caleb Robinson

Workshop 10:00 21:00
First International Workshop on Affective Understanding in Video

Speaker: Daniel McDuff

Workshop 10:00 21:00
New Trends in Image Restoration and Enhancement Workshop and Challenges

PC members: Stephen Lin, Wenjun Zeng

Workshop 10:00 18:00
VizWiz Grand Challenge: Describing Images Taken by Blind People

Speaker: Daniela Massiceti
Organizer: Ed Cutrell

Workshop 11:00 22:00
LXCV research workshop

Program Committee: Andrea Treviño Gavito, Victor Fragoso

Workshop 13:00 18:15
Sixth International Skin Imaging Collaboration (ISIC) Workshop on Skin Image Analysis

Steering Committee: Noel C. F. Codella

Workshop 15:00 23:30
Women in Computer Vision (WiCV) Workshop

Microsoft is a sponsor

Sunday, June 20, 2021

Workshop 08:00 16:00
Learning from Limited or Imperfect Data

Organizer: Noel C. F. Codella

Tutorial 10:00 17:30
From VQA to VLN: Recent Advances in Vision-and-Language Research

Organizers: Zhe Gan, Linjie Li, Jingjing Liu, Luowei Zhou

Tutorial 10:00 18:00
SMPL made Simple

Speakers: Tom Cashman, Erroll Wood, Federica Bogo

Workshop 11:00 15:30
Dynamic Neural Networks Meets Computer Vision

Speaker: Zicheng Liu

Workshop 11:00 15:30
The 3rd workshop on Learning from Unlabeled Videos

Organizer: Yale Song

Workshop 11:00 15:00
The 2nd International Workshop and Prize Challenge on Agriculture-Vision: Challenges & Opportunities for Computer Vision in Agriculture

Speaker: Ranveer Chandra

Tuesday, June 22, 2021

Poster session 06:00 08:30
Paper Session Three
Poster session 11:00 13:30
Paper Session Four

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Poster session 22:00 00:30
Paper Session Five

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Wednesday, June 23, 2021

Poster session 06:00 08:30
Paper Session Six

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Poster session 11:00 13:30
Paper Session Seven

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Thursday, June 24, 2021

Poster session 22:00 00:00
Paper Session Eleven

Friday, June 25, 2021

Workshop 08:00 17:00
Workshop on Computer Vision for Microscopy Image Analysis

Mei Chen; Daniel J. Hoeppner; Dimitris N. Metaxas; Steve Finkbeiner

Workshop 10:00 14:00
17th IEEE Workshop on Perception Beyond the Visible Spectrum

Program Committee: Gang Hua

Workshop 11:00 15:00
The Fourth International Workshop on Computer Vision for Physiological Measurement

Program Co-Chair: Daniel McDuff

Workshop 11:00 15:00
Image Matching: Local Features and Beyond

Speaker: Marc Pollefeys
Organizer: Johannes Schönberger

Workshop 11:00 00:00
2th Workshop on Extreme Vision Modeling

Speaker: Manik Varma

Workshop 11:00 19:00
Workshop on Neural Architecture Search: 1st lightweight NAS challenge and moving beyond

Organizer: Sameera Lanka

Workshop 11:30 21:00
Beyond Fairness: Towards a Just, Equitable, and Accountable Computer Vision

Speaker: Morgan Klaus Scheuerman (2021 MSR Research Fellow)

Workshop 12:30 20:15
Workshop on Computer Vision for Microscopy Image Analysis

Chair: Mei Chen
Program Committee: Gaurav Mittal

Workshop 15:00 19:40
Computer Vision for Animal Behavior Tracking and Modeling

Speaker: Andrew Fitzgibbon


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