Portrait of Anja Thieme

Anja Thieme

Senior Researcher


I’m a human-computer interaction (HCI) researcher in the Healthcare Intelligence group at MSR Cambridge. Currently, my research explores innovative approaches for applying AI and Machine Learning (ML) in real-world applications. More specifically, my current work (Project Talia) investigates how AI can become a useful vehicle in supporting the quality of care that is delivered through online psychotherapy programs. Taking a human-centred approach, I study how we can create (clinically) useful, interpretable and actionable ML insights that have the potential to improve the mental health outcomes of people who live with depression and anxiety; and can empower healthcare professionals in their work practices.

Past projects include: user research and interaction design in developing an assistive computer-vision based personal agent for people who live with vision impairments (Project Tokyo); the co-design and study of socially inclusive technology that enables collaborative learning experiences for children with mixed-visual abilities (Project Torino, and its commercialized counterpart Code Jumper); and research exploring alternative approaches to configuring digital displays (Disruptive Displays).

For more up-to-date information, please visit my homepage: https://designandwellbeing.com/