Portrait of Eduardo Cuervo

Eduardo Cuervo



I lead the Cloud-powered VR and MR project at the Mobility and Networking Research Group at Microsoft Research in Redmond, WA. Here I have sought to enable mobile devices to do more complex tasks while using less power by leveraging the capabilities of nearby edge computers or computing power in the cloud, including workloads ranging from
face recognition to games and virtual reality. In addition to my academic work, I have collaborated with product groups like Xbox, Azure IoT and HoloLens and worked in released products like
Remix3D. My contributions have resulted in several patent applications and have been covered repeatedly by the press.

Before joining Microsoft, I was a Research Scientist at the Networking and Communications Lab at HP Labs in Palo Alto, CA. I got my M.S. and Ph.D. in Computer Science at Duke University. While working on my dissertation I participated in internships and collaborated with researchers at Microsoft Research and Nokia Research.I also worked on Privacy before joining grad school at Carnegie Mellon in the CUPS Lab on Privacy Bird. I got my bachelors degree in Computer Science at ITESM in Mexico City.





Program Committees

  • WPA 2018
  • ISMAR 2018
  • NetGames 2018
  • MobiSys 2018
  • SEC 2017
  • Infocom 2017
  • SSN 2016
  • MobiSys 2016
  • Infocom 2016
  • MobiSys 2015
  • MobiGames 2015 (TPC Chair)
  • MobiCase 2015
  • MobiSys 2014
  • MobiCase 2014

Organizing Roles:

  • HotMobile 2018 (Poster and Demo Chair)
  • MobiSys 2017 (Publicity Chair)
  • MobiSys 2016 (Workshops Co-chair)
  • HotMobile 2016 (Poster / Demo Co-Chair)
  • HotMobile 2015 (Student Grants and Volunteer Chair)
  • MobiSys 2014 (Registration Chair)
  • MobiCom 2015 (Mobile App Competition Co-Chair)



Please send me an email with your resume if you are interested in working with me. I may have an opportunity for you if you are interested in mobile VR/AR/MR and have previous experience in mobile systems, graphics, computer vision, wireless networks or video compression.

In the past I have mentored and co-mentored the following talented students:



  • 9569812 View rendering from multiple server-side renderings
  • 8495129 Energy-aware code offload for mobile devices
  • 9264749 Server GPU assistance for mobile GPU applications
  • 9261312  Synthesizing second eye viewport using interleaving
  • 9756375 Predictive server-side rendering of scenes
  • 9686520 Reconstructing viewport upon user viewport misprediction
  • 15055509 Video game streaming for spectating