Portrait of Simon Peyton Jones

Simon Peyton Jones

Senior Principal Researcher


I’m a researcher at Microsoft Research in Cambridge, England. I started here in Sept 1998. I’m also an Honorary Professor of the Computing Science Department at Glasgow University, where I was a professor during 1990-1998.

I’m interested in the design, implementation, and application of lazy functional languages. In practical terms, that means I spend a most of my time on the design and implementation of the language Haskell. In particular, much of my work is focused around the Glasgow Haskell Compiler, and its ramifications.

I am chair of Computing at School, the group at the epicentre of the reform of the national curriculum for Computing in England.  Computer science is now a foundational subject, alongside maths and natural science, that every child learns from primary school onwards (background here).

I am married to Dorothy, a priest in the Church of England. We have six children.

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Social networks

I use LinkedIn for professional networking, but I restrict my connections to people who I know personally, or with whom I have had some meaningful two-way professional interaction; that is, not simply people with whom I share a professional interest.

I use Facebook for non-work networking, but only for people who my family knows too.

I do have a Twitter account, for some reason, but I have yet to find something significant enough to say that it’s worth tweeting.

In all three cases my actual use is minimal, so don’t hold your breath.