Portrait of Teddy Seyed

Teddy Seyed

Senior Researcher


I’m a Senior Researcher in the RiSE Group at Microsoft Research in Redmond, WA, USA.

I received my Entrepreneurial PhD – the first in Canada – in Computer Science at the University of Calgary, where was I co-advised by Dr. Frank Maurer and Dr. Anthony Tang. For the research side of my dissertation, I worked in a number of areas, using Human-Computer Interaction (HCI) to design and explore wearables and fashion-technology, physical computing, modular devices and creative tools/prototyping experiences. Some of my research work has been featured in Forbes Magazine, Gizmodo, and other major publications. On the entrepreneurial side of my dissertation, I co-founded several startups, completed crowdfunding campaigns, shipped products, and participated in competitive business accelerators.

I currently lead the work in the Future of Wearables mini-group, as well as Project Brookdale, but I am also generally focused on three main areas of research:

  •  Wearable
  • <…