Portrait of Thomas Park

Thomas Park

Principal Research Software Development Engineer


Thomas Park joined MSR in 2019, working in the Conversational System Research Group.

Prior to MSR, Thomas led industry teams across a variety of Big Data, fraud prevention, and technical infrastructure projects.  He has presented numerous conference sessions and workshops on topics including data visualization, open data, and software architecture at forums including Google I/O, LinuxConDevoxx (various editions), and Big Data Spain.

From 2016 to mid-2019, Thomas was a Tech Lead and engineer at Google in Geo Data, the organization responsible for the coverage and accuracy of Google’s geospatial data.


From 2012 to 2016, Thomas worked on Google’s petabyte-scale data processing and analytics tools BigQuery and Dremel.  Thomas designed and shipped the “user-defined functions” feature in both systems, which allows users to write procedural functions that run as part of the execution of a SQL query.


Prior to Google, he spent over 7 years as a software engineer at Amazon in the Fraud / Platform Trust organization, where he founded 3 teams (Merchant Credit, Communication Manager, and Seller Performance) tasked with various aspects of preventing abuse and protecting customers on Amazon’s retail and 3rd-party marketplace platforms.


He began his career in the startup world, where he spent more than 5 years wearing a variety of engineering hats, from individual contributor to software architect and engineering manager.


Thomas received his Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science and Mathematics from the University of Massachusetts, Boston.  He also attended the American University of Paris in France.