Portrait of Ting Cao

Ting Cao

Senior Research Manager


I am now the Senior Research Manager of Heterogeneous Extreme Computing (HEX) group of systems and networking research area of MSRA. The mission of our group is to “deliver affordable and reliable AI applications to clients”. In this end, our research directions cover the whole AI stack, including :

  • Affordable AI model design (model compression and optimization, AutoML etc.)
  • Efficient AI systems (inference systems for heterogeneous hardware, resource management and scheduling, etc.)
  • Hardware design for AI and AI for hardware design (AI accelerator design, AI accelerator and model co-design, AI for electronic design etc.)
  • Learning on the edge (distributed learning, continuous learning, collaborative learning etc.)
  • New applications and scenarios (AIoT, AR, VR, gaming, 5/6G etc.)

We have researcher position openings. Welcome to join us. My contact: ting.cao@microsoft.com.