Portrait of Curtis Wong

Curtis Wong

Principal Researcher




Established: September 22, 2015

NUIgraph is a prototype Windows 10 app for visually exploring data in order to discover and share insight. The app has been designed for touch interaction, however a mouse can also be used. Data can be loaded from .csv files…

WorldWide Telescope

Established: April 2, 2002

WorldWide Telescope (WWT) is a virtual telescope to astronomers, a virtual observatory of the Earth to geo-researchers, and an interactive teaching and learning tool to science educators. Since its initial release in late 2006, WWT has become an integral part…









Prior to Microsoft in 1998, Curtis was Director of Intel Productions in Silicon Valley where he conceived and developed www.artmuseum.net (no longer available) the first Broadband blockbuster art museum exhibition network on the Web. The site featured faithful 3D recreations of concurrent art exhibitions in major museums, such as American Century Exhibition at the Whitney Museum, Van Gogh’s Van Goghs at The National Gallery of Art in Washington DC, and the Virtual Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam. Visitors to the virtual museum could see the same guided tour as in the museum and closely examine the works of art with related letters and drawings for context as well as text chat with other visitors, take photos from anywhere in the virtual museum and email them to friends via an electronic post card with an invitation to visit the museum.