Yong CAO is a lead researcher in Microsoft Research Asia (MSRA). He joined MSRA in 2007 after received his Ph.D degree from University of Science and Technology of China. He’s working on machine learning applications on big data since then. His research interests include Natural Language Processing (NLP), Information Retrieval and Deep Learning. He’s also fascinated by building research prototypes on big data. He leaded the system architecture development and entity extraction research in the big data research prototypes including Renlifang (人立方), EntityCube and Microsoft Academic Search etc.


Minder Reader / 读心机器人

Minder Reader (中文: 读心机器人) is an artificial intelligence game which leveraging big data mining & crowd-sourcing to build intelligence bot. The bot has been played by over 50 million times. The game itself have been deployed in multiple platforms, including…


Established: February 13, 2009

EntityCube is a research prototype for exploring object-level search technologies, which automatically summarizes the Web for entities (such as people, locations and organizations) with a modest web presence. The Chinese-language version is called Renlifang. The need for collecting and understanding Web…