Calc Intelligence

Calc Intelligence



January 14, 2019: our blog on Influencing Mainstream Software-applying PL research ideas to transform spreadsheets.

By Calc Intelligence, we mean the research goal of bringing intelligence to end-user programming, and in particular to spreadsheets.

The spreadsheet has continually evolved to remain at the forefront of productivity tools and work practices for over forty years. For example, today’s spreadsheets embrace collaboration, serve as databases, are mobile, and encompass AI-powered interaction via natural language.

However, the soul of the spreadsheet remains the grid, and its formulas. Indeed, spreadsheets are the world’s most widely-used programming technology – but they also embody apparently-fundamental limitations. We are working on foundational ideas that will take a qualitative step forward, to extend dramatically the reach of what end users can do with spreadsheets.

We work in deep collaboration with the Excel team in Microsoft Office on Project Yellow, bringing new data types and other features to Excel.