human-ai interaction

Guidelines for Human-AI Interaction

Established: June 4, 2019



Portrait of Saleema Amershi

Saleema Amershi

Senior Principal Research Manager

Portrait of Daniel S. Weld

Daniel S. Weld

Thomas J. Cable / WRF Professor

Paul G. Allen School of Computer Science & Engineering

Portrait of Mihaela Vorvoreanu

Mihaela Vorvoreanu

Director, Aether UX Research and Education

Portrait of Adam Fourney

Adam Fourney

Principal Researcher

Portrait of Besmira Nushi

Besmira Nushi

Principal Researcher

Portrait of Penny Collisson

Penny Collisson

Principal Design Research Manager


Portrait of Jina Suh

Jina Suh

Principal Research Software Engineer

Portrait of Shamsi Iqbal

Shamsi Iqbal

Principal Researcher

Portrait of Paul Bennett

Paul Bennett

Partner Research Manager

Portrait of Kori Inkpen

Kori Inkpen

Senior Principal Researcher

Portrait of Jaime Teevan

Jaime Teevan

Chief Scientist & Technical Fellow

Portrait of Ruth Kikin-Gil

Ruth Kikin-Gil

Senior Designer


Portrait of Eric Horvitz

Eric Horvitz

Technical Fellow and Chief Scientific Officer