3D Object Tracking for Augmented Reality: Handling Multiple Objects, Motion-Blur, and Lack of Texture

Augmented Reality (AR) is implemented by superimposing virtual entities on the real scene so that they appear registered with the related real entities. For the registration to be reliable, qualified object tracking technologies are necessary. In this talk, we address the problems of 3D object tracking in implementing practical AR systems: handling multiple 3D objects, motion blur, and texture-less objects. Presenting the solutions for these problems, we focus on reducing the tracking dependency on the complex texture. Finally, in the texture-less object tracking, we show how to exploit the depth information obtained in real-time using Microsoft Kinect.

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Youngmin Park received the BS degree in computer engineering from the Kangwon National University (KNU), Gangwon-do, Korea, in 2004, and the MS degree from the Department of Information and Communications (DIC), Gwangju Institute of Science and Technology (GIST), Gwangju, Korea, in 2006, where he is currently working toward the PhD degree. His research interests include Augmented Reality, 3D vision-based tracking, object detection, and mobile computing.

Yongmin Park
Ubiquitous – Virtual Reality Lab
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