Microsoft Research Accelerators


July 1, 2011


Derick Campbell


Learn about Microsoft Research Accelerators—tools and services for academics and researchers that are designed to help scientists, researchers, teachers and students explore science, analyze and visualize data, and publish the results of their research. This video provides a brief introduction to just a few of our many Research Accelerators, including the Chemistry Add-in for Word, Zentity, Scientific Workflow Workbench, and Try F#.


  • Portrait of Arjmand Samuel

    Arjmand Samuel

    Principal Program Manager

  • Portrait of Alex D. Wade

    Alex D. Wade

    Principal Program Manager

  • Portrait of Derick Campbell

    Derick Campbell

  • Portrait of Dean Guo

    Dean Guo

  • Portrait of Jaime Puente

    Jaime Puente

    Director Academic Outreach

  • Portrait of Judith Bishop

    Judith Bishop

    Director of Computer Science