Open Data for Open Science 2012 Lightning Talks / Closing Remarks


April 6, 2012


Alex Wade, Evelyne Viegas, Jie Liu, Jonathan Fay, and Kristin Tolle


Microsoft Research


This video from Open Data for Open Science 2012: Developers’ Training for Environmental Research includes the following lightning talks as well as the event’s closing remarks.

  • F# for Windows Azure—Evelyn Viegas, Microsoft Research
  • Academic Search—Alex Wade, Dean Guo Microsoft Research
  • Microsoft Translator—Kristen Toll, Microsoft Research
  • CLEO – Cutting the Longtail in Environmental Observation—Jie Liu, Microsoft Research
  • Kinect for Windows Demo—Jonathan Fay, Microsoft Research

Host: Yan Xu, Microsoft Research


Alex Wade, Evelyne Viegas, Jie Liu, Jonathan Fay, and Kristin Tolle

Evelyne Viegas, is responsible for the Online Technologies and Web Cultures initiative in the External Research & Programs team at Microsoft Research in Redmond WA, U.S. Prior to her present role, Evelyne has been working as a Technical Lead, and Program Manager at Microsoft delivering Natural Language Processing components to projects for MSN, Office, and Windows. Before Microsoft, and after completing her Ph.D. in France, she worked as a Principal Investigator at the Computing Research Laboratory in New Mexico on an ontology-based Machine Translation project. She has edited the following books: “Computational Lexical Semantics” Cambridge University Press and “Breadth and Depth of Semantic Lexicons” Kluwer Academic Press. Her current research interests include approaches and experiences to make the web more “intelligent” and safer with a focus on finding information, sitting at the desktop or while on the move.

Jonathan Fay is a Principal Research Software Design Engineer and the architect of WorldWide Telescope. He is a 15 year Microsoft Veteran, an avid amateur astronomer and designed and build his own automated domed observatory where he loves to show his 5 kids the beauty of the universe.