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Tutorial: Best practices for prioritizing fairness in AI systems

As artificial intelligence (AI) continues to transform people’s lives, new opportunities raise new challenges. Most notably, when we assess the societal impact of AI systems, it’s important to be aware of their benefits, which we should strive to amplify, and their harms, which we should work to reduce. Developing and deploying AI systems in a responsible manner means prioritizing fairness. This is especially important for AI systems that will be used in high-stakes domains like education, employment, finance, and healthcare. This tutorial will guide you through a variety of fairness-related harms caused by AI systems and their most common causes. We will then dive into the precautions we need to take to mitigate fairness-related harms when developing and deploying AI systems. Together, we’ll explore examples of fairness-related harms and their causes; fairness dashboards for quantitatively assessing allocation harms and quality-of-service harms; and algorithms for mitigating fairness-related harms. We’ll discuss when they should and shouldn’t be used and their advantages and disadvantages.


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Responsible AI
Amit Deshpande, Amit Sharma
Microsoft Research India