A Webbased Frontend for Easy Interaction with the Inductive Programming System Igor – Inference of Constructor Terms from Examples and Interactive Testing of Generated Programs


October 4, 2016


Lea-Louisa Maass


University of Bamberg, Germany


A developer’s work can get quite repetitive. This tedious part of his or her job decreases work time efficiency by a considerable amount. Inductive programming systems can provide a solution to this issue. These tools require only a few input- and output examples provided by the user to generate the needed functions. One of these systems is called IgorII and has been developed by the University of Bamberg. Because of the necessity to use constructor terms instead of native representations of certain data types, interaction with IgorII is rather elaborate, which distinctly limits its accessibility. In my talk I will present the newly developed user interface easyIGOR, which allows one to easily interact with IgorII. On top of providing examples in a readable manner comprehensible for almost everybody, it is now also possible to easily test the function that IgorII generates for new inputs. At this point, IgorII is usable by a broad audience and ready to be tested thoroughly.