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Get school assignment help with Windows 11

Whatever type of schooling you’re doing, several key Windows features can help improve your skills and assignments. Learn how to capture thoughts more quickly, hone presentation skills, get math help, do two things at once, and more with Windows 11.

First-time users of the Dictate feature will be asked to give permission for Word to use the microphone, after which talking and transcribing can begin. Thoughts can be recorded with focus kept intact and productivity preserved. Word will do its best to transcribe everything with capitalization and punctuation. This is especially helpful for kids who have dyslexia, dysgraphia, or who have trouble reading or writing.

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A young student in a classroom enjoying the benefits of the Snap screen functionality on a Windows 11 PC

Capture thoughts more quickly

Most people can talk faster than they can type. Save time and collect your ideas more quickly with Dictate, the speech-to-text feature in Microsoft Word.

First-time users of the Dictate feature will be asked to give permission for Word to access the microphone. Once permission is granted, click the microphone icon to begin. Word will do its best to transcribe everything with capitalization and punctuation. Your thoughts can flow as you speak your ideas to the page. This may be particularly useful for anyone with dyslexia, dysgraphia, or who has trouble reading or writing.

The Dictate drop down menu with available language options

Make it easier to start writing

Talking through your ideas can be a great way to chip away at writer’s block. Use Dictate in Word to turn speech into on-screen text before coming back to edit.

Get coached on presentation skills

Most students dread being assigned a presentation, but luckily, Windows can help sharpen both content and delivery. Practicing presentations while looking into a mirror is a long-standing tradition, but at best it can help you with eye contact and facial expressions. You can get more impactful guidance on your presentation skills with Presenter Coach in PowerPoint. If you give permission to use your computer’s microphone, it can analyze a speech or presentation.

Presenter Coach looks out for all of the following::

  • Pacing (words per minute)
  • Pitch
  • Usage of fillers, like ums, ers, uhs, you knows, etc.
  • Informal speech
  • Euphemisms and culturally sensitive terms

For example, if you say the phrase, “best man for the job,” Presenter Coach will suggest “best choice for the job” to use more inclusive language.

A PowerPoint menu with a cursor over the Rehearse with Coach option

Prepare in private to give more effective presentations

Get real-time feedback on your presentation skills when you rehearse with Presenter Coach in PowerPoint , and get a Rehearsal Report that summarizes recommendations for where you can improve.

Improve reading comprehension

Ever read a large block of single-spaced, tiny-sized text and not comprehended a word of it? Immersive Reader can help with that and even provide extra help to anyone learning to read.

Immersive Reader takes text and increases the sizes of the letters and spacing between lines, while simultaneously enabling it to be read aloud in voice. As it reads the passage, it highlights each word as it’s spoken. At any time, you can change the reading speed, font, or background color, and you can even highlight which words are nouns, adjectives, or verbs.

This powerful tool can also translate words or entire documents into 67 languages. It’s an excellent tool for homework assignment help. Immersive Reader is included in Word, Outlook for the web, OneNote, Teams, Flipgrid, Forms, Microsoft Edge, Minecraft, Whiteboard, and Office Lens.

Immersive Reader screen showing color and text settings menu

Redefine the way you read

Improve reading, regardless of age or ability. Sustain attention and improve reading speed with Focus Mode, and increase fluency when reading other languages.

Multiply your abilities with math help

Math Assistant is a digital tutor that helps with difficult math problems. Write or type math problems in OneNote, and Math Assistant can solve it for you—helping you reach the solution quickly or displaying step-by-step instructions so you learn how to reach the correct answer on your own.

Say you are faced with a problem in your textbook with an ask like “solve for x.” Where would you start?

With Math Assistant in OneNote, you could start by sketching out the problem with the draw tool. After solving, you can even have Immersive Reader read steps aloud and generate quizzes for additional practice to help you learn the concepts, not just get the assignment done.

A OneNote screen showing the math assistant from the OneNote video

Learn how to solve math equations

Use the draw tool to write out the equation and have Math Assistant walk you through the solution step-by- step!

See what you need on screen, side-by-side

Flipping back and forth between windows wastes time, but we’ve all done it. It could be that your class is streaming in your browser, and you’re taking notes in OneNote or “passing notes” in Teams or Skype. Maybe your reference material is on a web page, and you’re answering questions in another app. If you’re still flipping back and forth between the different apps and windows, prepare to be delighted by Snap.

A screen showing the snap functionality of Windows 11 with a Bing screen and a collection of photos divided into equal partitions

Use Snap to see two things at once

Simply drag each app by its window’s title to the edge of the screen and it will “snap” to that side, dividing the screen into equal partitions.

With these Windows 11 features to help with your homework assignments, you can increase productivity and maximize academic success.

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