Lehel Munich lab building - a close up of a street in front of a building

Artificial Intelligence & Research – Munich

The Munich lab is engaged in artificial intelligence research & development projects ranging from pure engineering, to applied research, to more future-oriented incubations & research projects. Our efforts in the past have included work on speech recognition, machine learning & deep learning, information retrieval, conversational understanding, and knowledge acquisition.

Our focus in the lab consists not only of advancing the state of the art of research in these areas, but to directly impact the products and services available to millions of users. As such our work can be found inside of Microsoft Speech Recognition Services, the Computational Network Toolkit (CNTK), the Bing search engine, in numerous Microsoft Cognitive Service offerings, as well as many other products.

Lab details

  • Director: Andreas Bode, Principal Software Engineering Manager
  • Location: Search Technology Center – Munich
    Gewürzmühlstrasse 11
    80538 Munich