Sensors and Devices




The Sensors and Devices Group invents and builds new interactive devices and experiences for users. We leverage recent developments across a broad range of technologies such as sensors, displays, wireless communications and device fabrication. We aim to seed new devices and technologies in the market and ultimately to change people’s perceptions of technology and how it can be used.

We complement the hardware, software and design skills in our group by working closely with collaborators from other disciplines across Microsoft and the wider community. The I3D group spun out of Sensors and Devices in 2012 to focus on various forms of 3D interaction based on novel hardware and algorithms, ultimately leading to Holoportation. In 2014 Connected Play was also split out from the group as a separate initiative.

Here are some selected projects from the group:

battery_lifetime bbc_micro_bit cs_tile disruptive_displays embedded_uls fs_tile hd_tile kf_tile mk_tile ng_tile p_tile ph_tile ap_tile rfid_performance rich_annotation sl_tile sc_tile sns_tile ss_tile sp_tile ts_tile tm_tile vm_tile


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