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Jonathan M. Carlson

Director of Immunomics


I am the Director of Immunomics in the Healthcare NExT group at Microsoft. In partnership with Adaptive Biotechnologies, our goal is to create a universal blood test that reads a person’s immune system, to detect a wide variety of diseases including infections, cancers, and autoimmune disorders in their earliest stage, when they can be most effectively diagnosed and treated. The basis of this project is learning the T-cell Antigen Map: that is, learning the mapping from a T-cell receptor sequence to the antigen(s) it targets.

As a senior researcher in computational biology and machine learning , my interests have largely focused on immunology and virology. I have been deeply involved in Project Premonition, where I drive the metagenomics efforts: given a sample of unknown DNA, what organisms contributed the genetic material? In the context of Premonition, we get DNA from mosquitos. Such DNA will come…





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