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Project Paidia: a Microsoft Research & Ninja Theory Collaboration


Microsoft Researcher team

Portrait of Dave Bignell

Dave Bignell


Portrait of Yuhan Cao

Yuhan Cao

Research Software Engineer

Portrait of Sam Devlin

Sam Devlin

Principal Researcher

Portrait of Raluca Georgescu

Raluca Georgescu

Research Software Engineer II

Portrait of Katja Hofmann

Katja Hofmann

Senior Principal Researcher

Portrait of Anssi Kanervisto

Anssi Kanervisto


Portrait of Ida Momennejad

Ida Momennejad

Principal Researcher in Reinforcement Learning

Portrait of Tim Pearce

Tim Pearce


Portrait of Tabish Rashid

Tabish Rashid

Senior Researcher

Portrait of Shanzheng Tan

Shanzheng Tan

Researcher / Technical Program Manager

Former collaborators

Portrait of Jacob Beck

Jacob Beck

Research Intern

Portrait of Sebastian Dziadzio

Sebastian Dziadzio

Research SDE

Microsoft Cloud & AI

Portrait of Vincent Fortuin

Vincent Fortuin

Research Intern

Portrait of Jayesh Gupta

Jayesh Gupta

Senior Researcher


Portrait of Maximilian Igl

Maximilian Igl

Research Intern

Portrait of Andre Kramer

Andre Kramer

Research Engineer

Portrait of Robert Loftin

Robert Loftin


Portrait of Cristiana Pacheco

Cristiana Pacheco

Portrait of Quan  Vuong

Quan Vuong

Research Intern

Portrait of Luisa Zintgraf

Luisa Zintgraf

Research Intern

Portrait of Evelyn Zuniga

Evelyn Zuniga

Researcher / Technical Program Manager