Portrait of Katja Hofmann

Katja Hofmann

Senior Principal Researcher


I am a Senior Principal Researcher within the Machine Intelligence theme at Microsoft Research Cambridge. I lead a team that focuses on Deep Reinforcement Learning for Games, with our mission to advance the state of the art in reinforcement learning, driven by current and future applications in video games. We share the belief that games will drive a transformation of how we interact with AI technology. My long-term goal is to develop AI systems that learn to collaborate with people, to empower their users and help solve complex real-world problems.

As part of the Microsoft Research PhD Scholarship program, I currently co-supervise the following PhD students:

One of the projects developed by my team is Project Malmo, which uses the popular game Minecraft as an experimentation platform for developing intelligent technology.

Before joining Microsoft Research, I completed my PhD in Computer Science as part of the ILPS group at the University of Amsterdam. I worked with Maarten de Rijke and Shimon Whiteson on smart search engines that learn directly from their users. For a list of my publications before joining MSR, please see the ILPS (Information and Language Processing Systems) list of publications, MSR Academic, or dblp.