Intelligent machines and intelligent software rely on algorithms that can reason about observed data to make predictions or decisions that are useful. Such systems rely on machine learning and artificial intelligence, combining computation, data, models, and algorithms. Our mission, in the Machine Intelligence theme at Microsoft Research Cambridge, is to expand the reach and efficiency of machine intelligence technology.

We research how to incorporate structured input data such as code and molecules effectively into deep learning models.  We invent new methods so models can accurately quantify their uncertainty when making predictions.  We build models that learn from small data that is corrupted or only partially observed.  We develop deep learning algorithms that apply to interactive settings in gaming and in decision making task, where model predictions have consequences on future inputs.

Improving the performance of machine learning methods demands an ever-increasing scale in computation while retaining flexibility to develop new models.  We research new AI compiler technology that will make it easier to express rich algorithms while effectively utilizing modern accelerators.


deep program understanding illustration

Deep Program Understanding

This project aims to teach machines to understand complex algorithms, combining methods from the programming languages, software engineering and the machine learning communities.

Project Paidia - game intelligence round robot character

Deep Reinforcement Learning for Games

We aim to teach machines to understand complex algorithms, combining methods from the programming languages, software engineering and the machine learning communities.

enterprise knowledge illustration

Enterprise Knowledge

The aim of the Enterprise Knowledge project is to automatically extract business knowledge into a single, consistent knowledge base, made up of the entities that really matter to each organisation. logo


Infer.NET is a .NET library for machine learning. It provides state-of-the-art algorithms for probabilistic inference from data. Infer.NET is open source software under the MIT license.

minimum data AI graph

Project Causica

In this project we investigate how to best utilize AI algorithms to aid decision making while simultaneously minimizing data requirements (and, therefore, cost).

Truematch matchmaking system screenshot


The TrueMatch matchmaking system decides which people should play together in an online multiplayer game. The Coalition have announced that Gears 5 will use TrueMatch.

Trueskill matchmaking system screenshot


The TrueSkill ranking system is a skill-based ranking system designed to overcome the limitations of existing ranking systems, and to ensure that interesting matches can be reliably arranged within a league.



Portrait of Adam Foster

Adam Foster

Portrait of Cheng Zhang

Cheng Zhang

Principal Researcher

Portrait of Dave Bignell

Dave Bignell


Portrait of Elena Pochernina

Elena Pochernina

Research SDE 2

Portrait of Guy Leroy

Guy Leroy

Associate Researcher

Portrait of Hannes Schulz

Hannes Schulz

Senior Researcher

Portrait of Jonathan Tims

Jonathan Tims

Senior Software Development Engineer

Portrait of Katja Hofmann

Katja Hofmann

Senior Principal Researcher

Portrait of Krzysztof Maziarz

Krzysztof Maziarz

Senior Applied Researcher

Portrait of Marwin Segler

Marwin Segler

Principal Researcher

Portrait of Matteo Venanzi

Matteo Venanzi

Senior Applied Scientist

Portrait of Mingfei Sun

Mingfei Sun


Portrait of Nick Pawlowski

Nick Pawlowski

Senior Researcher

Portrait of Pavel Myshkov

Pavel Myshkov

Research SDE

Portrait of Raluca Georgescu

Raluca Georgescu

Research Software Engineer II

Portrait of Rianne van den Berg

Rianne van den Berg

Principal Researcher

Portrait of Ryota Tomioka

Ryota Tomioka

Principal Research Manager

Portrait of Sam Devlin

Sam Devlin

Principal Researcher

Portrait of Sam Webster

Sam Webster

Senior Software Development Engineer

Portrait of Sarah Lewis

Sarah Lewis

Senior Research Engineer

Portrait of Shanzheng Tan

Shanzheng Tan

Researcher / Technical Program Manager

Portrait of Tian Xie

Tian Xie

Senior Researcher

Portrait of Tom Minka

Tom Minka

Senior Principal Researcher

Portrait of Yordan Zaykov

Yordan Zaykov

Principal Research Engineering Manager