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Microsoft Translator makes the Web more worldly

Did you know that Microsoft Translator powers translations in Live Search Bing? 

For example, to translate this search result, click “Translate this page” at the end of the result description:

Image of Wikipedia search result

You’ll see the page in a bilingual view, with the original page on the left, and the translated page on the right.

Here is the list languages we support today:

English to/from:

Arabic   French   Latvian    Swedish
Bulgarian  German   Lithuanian   Thai
Chinese Simplified  Greek   Norwegian   Turkish
Chinese Traditional  Haitian Creole   Polish   Ukrainian
Czech  Hebrew     Portuguese   Vietnamese
Danish  Hungarian   Romanian  
Dutch  Indonesian   Russian  
English  Italian   Slovak  
Estonian  Japanese   Slovenian  
Finnish  Korean   Spanish

We’ll roll out more languages over the next several months.

So try clicking ‘Translate this page’ in your search results. Let us know what you think!

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Update (11/15): Edited the link to the Bing Search blog.