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Communicate with customers in their language using multilingual bots

Are you looking to add multilingual support to your bot? Using the Azure Bot Service V4 SDK, your bot can use Microsoft Translator to automatically translate messages to the language your bot  understands, and optionally translate the bot’s replies back to the user’s language.

What’s a bot?

A bot is an app that users interact with in a conversational way using text, graphics, or speech. It may be a simple question and answer dialog bot, or a sophisticated bot that allows people to interact with other services in an intelligent manner using AI. Bots can be used in scenarios such as customer support to answer customer questions without the need of a human customer support representative. View case studies of bots.


Use the Translator API for multilingual translations

Adding translation to your bot allows it to reach a larger audience without changing significant parts of your bot’s core programming.

The Microsoft Translator API service allows bots to interact in over 60 supported languages. Whether you’re communicating with customers or internal team members, multilingual bots can increase the number of users that can use your bot in their preferred language.

Learn how to add translation to your bot in the Azure Bot Service Documentation tutorial.

Image: “Run the bot to see replies in the user’s language” from Azure Bot Service Documentation


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