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Translator Text API version 2 will continue to be available alongside version 3

In recent weeks, we have received strong feedback from our customers about the scheduled retirement of version 2 of the Text Translator API. As a result, we’re happy to announce today that version 2 of the Translator Text API will continue to be available. Your existing applications using V2 will remain functional.

We encourage you to migrate your applications to V3, as it fits your development cycle, in order to take advantage of new functionality available exclusively in version 3 of the Translator Text API:

  • Customization: Support for the Custom Translator feature, which enables users to build and deploy customized neural translation systems. Custom Translator can also be used to translate speech translation using Cognitive Services Speech Service.
  • Translate into multiple languages at once: Version 3 allows your application to translate into multiple languages with a single GET request. Version 2 required separate API calls to translate the same text in multiple languages.
  • Transliteration: Convert words and sentences from one script into another script. For instance, if your users translate from English to Arabic, they may not be able to read the Arabic script. The transliteration feature allows you to offer the Arabic words written in Latin (i.e. English) letters.
  • Bilingual dictionary: The bilingual dictionary feature displays alternative translations from or to English, examples of words in context to help you choose the perfect translation, and examples of translated sentences using this word.
  • JSON formatting: All data sent to and received from the service is in JSON format.

Translator Hub will be retired as scheduled on April 30th, 2019. Please migrate your projects to Custom Translator before then. View key dates and information about migrating to Custom Translator.

For more information about Microsoft Translator Text API version 3, view our documentation, including information about migrating from version 2. Microsoft Translator on GitHub has additional open source apps and code samples.


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