Microsoft Research @ SPLASH 2017


We are excited to be participating in SPLASH 2017, the ACM SIGPLAN conference that embraces all aspects of software construction and delivery to make it the premier conference at the intersection of programming, languages, and software engineering.

Committee organizers

Tom Ball, Gabriel Dos Reis, SPLASH 2017 OOPSLA, Program Committee

Alex Kolesnichenko, CHESE 2017, Program Committee

Nikolai Tillmann, CHESE 2017, Steering Committee

Rob DeLine, LIVE 2017, Program Committee

Gustavo Soares, PLATEAU 2017, Organizing Committee, Session Chair of Tools and Environments

Liam Kiemele, Donna Long, SAVR 2017, Program Committee

Tihamer Levendovszky, SLE 2017, Program Committee


DéjàVu: A Map of Code Duplicates on GitHub, Hitesh Sajnani

One λ at a time: What do we know about presenting human-friendly output from program analysis tools?, Titus Barik

Seam: Provably Safe Local Edits on Graphs, Rahul Sharma

Synthesis of Data Completion Scripts using Finite Tree Automata, Rishabh Singh

Geo-Distribution of Actor-Based Services, Philip Bernstein, Sebastian Burckhardt, Sergey Bykov, Alok Kumbhare, Muntasir Raihan Rahman, Jorgen Thelin

Finding Bugs and Insights in Semi-structured Data, Benjamin Zorn

A Volatile-by-Default JVM for Server Applications, Madan Musuvathi

Project Snowflake: Non-blocking Safe Manual Memory Management for .NET, Matthew Parkinson, Dimitrios Vytiniotis, Kapil Vaswani, Manuel Costa, Pantazis Deligiannis

Synthesizing Configuration File Specifications with Association Rule Learning, Aaron Shim

Semantics of Asynchronous JavaScript, Mark Marron, Daan Leijen

Static Stages for Heterogeneous Programming, Todd Mytkowicz

Keynote talks

AGREE! Keynote: Advanced Features of the Orleans Programming Framework, Philip Bernstein

PLATEAU Keynote: Usability Design Space in Programming by Examples, Sumit Gulwani

Don’t Hit Refresh: Towards Automatic Reactivity for Distributed Services, Sebastian Burckhardt


50 Years of Language Evolution: From Simula’67 to the Future, Sumit Gulwani

Industry & Academia, Benjamin Zorn


The Influence of Programming Languages on Augmenting Human Understanding, Benjamin Zorn

PLMW Speakers, Benjamin Zorn