Microsoft New Future of Work Report 2022: AI-powered social platforms

The New Future of Work Report summarizes important research and developments that can help us understand and improve the future of work. This report is organized by changes in work practices at four different “scales”: individuals, teams, organizations, and society.

Throughout, researchers at Microsoft are using methods such as the latest advances in AI, causal inference, surveys and interviews, and prototype-building to uncover challenges and opportunities facing workers.

But this report does not only feature research done at Microsoft: there is amazing research shaping the future of work done by researchers around the world. The report includes this work as well and forecasts from some of these experts.

About this video: AI-curated online communities can break down workplace siloes and improve knowledge sharing—leading to happier employees. Discover how enterprise social platforms can jumpstart innovation and boost the bottom line, in the New Future of Work Report 2022:

Mengting Wan
Microsoft Office of Applied Research