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Translate Menu Not Appearing for Your Facebook Posts? Find out how to translate when the menu does not appear.

A frequently asked question we get is how to translate a Facebook post when the “Translate” menu does not appear?

In some instances the “Translate” link will not appear under some posts. This behavior is not under Microsoft Translator control and the feature does not need to be installed or added by end-users. It will appear automatically based on Facebook own algorithms.If the link does not appear you have multiple options to still have an easy access to Bing Translator. There are three ways you can go about using the Bing Translator features powered by Microsoft Translator, which are:

In Internet Explorer
A) Select the text, right-click and select “Translate with Bing”
B) Install the Bing Bar at It contains the Bing Translator app by default, but is not installed by default. You will need to go in its setting menu and add it to the bar

On any computer browser
A) Copy-paste the text on the Bing Translator page:
B) Install the Translator Bookmarklet in your browser to translate the sections of a webpage that is not in your Browser’s language:

On a mobile device (Tablet or Phone)
A) On Windows Phone and Window 8.1 tablet install the Bing Translator app from the store
B) On Apple or Android devices: go on the Bing Translator mobile webpage: