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Reach a Worldwide Audience by Adding a Microsoft Translator Widget to your Tumblr

Don’t know Russian and Chinese? No problem. Microsoft Translator has just released a video demonstrating how to add the Translator Widget to your Tumblr, making your blog accessible to audiences worldwide in any of over 45 different languages supported by Translator. The Translator Widget can be added to a blog or webpage by simply copying and pasting a bit of JavaScript on the page.

Tumblr users always had a lot of flexibility in customizing their sites. By following the steps described in this video they now can make their blog multi-lingual at no cost and easily.

Not using Tumblr for your blog? No problem! Microsoft released earlier in 2014 a plugin for bloggers and website owners using this platform. Similarly to Tumblr, you can also easily add the Translator Widget on Blogger sites by following these instructions.