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Communicate Across Language Barriers with Skype for Windows Desktop

Have you been wanting to use Skype Translator, but don’t have Windows 8.1 on your PC? The new Skype for Windows desktop app includes Skype Translator, and is compatible with Windows Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, and 10. Powered by Microsoft Translator, Skype for Windows desktop lets you make translated calls in Chinese Mandarin, French, English, German, Italian, and Spanish. You….

Translations are even easier with “Complications” for Apple Watch

“Complications” are important pieces of information you can see right on the face of an Apple Watch. With the new WatchOS 2, data from apps can be Complications too. Ironically, we’ve used “Complications” to make translation even easier while you are using Translator for your Apple Watch with its companion iPhone app. We also have a couple of brand new….

Get instant translations from Cortana, your personal digital assistant in Windows 10

Microsoft Translator provides translations whenever and wherever you need them. Translator is available in a number of apps for smartwatches, phones, tablets, and PCs. It is also integrated into a number of products such as Microsoft Office and Skype Translator. To make translation even more convenient, the Cortana team has launched native translation support to Windows 10 in its US….

Microsoft Translator Releases Apps for Apple Watch and Android Wear

  Talking with Your Hands Never Made So Much Sense When you encounter someone who doesn’t speak the same language as you, communication can certainly be a challenge— it often involves a lot of pointing and arm waving. Microsoft Translator’s apps for Apple Watch and Android Wear finally make talking with your hands something useful. The apps let you translate….

Increase Multi-Language Productivity with Document Translator

The Document Translator app and the associated source code demonstrate how Microsoft Translator can be integrated into enterprise and business workflows. The app allows you to rapidly translate documents, individually or in batches, with full fidelity—keeping formatting such as headers and fonts intact, and allowing you to continue editing if necessary. Using the Document Translator code and documentation, developers can….

Skype Translator Introduces Speech-to-Speech Translation in French and German

Today, Skype Translator introduces speech-to-speech translation for French and German. Skype Translator users can now make translated calls in near real time in 6 different languages: Chinese Mandarin, English, French, German, Italian, and Spanish. Additionally, Skype Translator can be used to IM in all 50 languages supported by Microsoft Translator. If you have Windows 8 or above, you can download….

Translator Solutions in Action: MSN

  Team: MSN Solution: Translation Services The Intelligence, Communication, and Engineering (ICE) Content Team, which operates MSN, developed a feature to help improve user recirculation and click-through within the site. This feature searches the content of articles hosted on MSN and displays other related information to the viewer in a widget beside the original article. For instance, an article about….

Introducing the Microsoft Translator Partner Alliance Program

We are excited to announce a new program which has been designed to help drive greater awareness and visibility for our partners and their solutions. Microsoft Translator has always relied on strong partnerships to drive innovation and meet customer needs. Program Levels The Translator Partner Alliance Program, has three levels of participation. Each level includes its own requirements and benefits.….

Translator Solutions in Action: MSIT Enterprise Data Services

  Team: MSIT Enterprise Data Services Solution: Readiness, Customer Support In order to improve the automation of their partner incentive payments, the Enterprise Data Services team within Microsoft IT needed a way to quickly convert and standardize partner data profiles from virtually every country around the world in their local languages to Latin character sets. The Microsoft Translator API significantly….

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