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Presentation Translator, a Microsoft Garage project, Demonstrated at Build Conference


At Microsoft Build 2017 today, Harry Shum, Executive Vice President of Microsoft’s AI and Research Group, demonstrated Presentation Translator, a Microsoft Garage project. Presentation Translator is an add-in for PowerPoint that translates and subtitles live presentations.

As a presenter speaks, the add-in displays subtitles directly on a PowerPoint presentation in any one of more than 60 supported text languages. Additionally, up to 100 audience members in the room can follow along with the presentation in their own language, and on their own phone, tablet or computer.





Presentation Translator is powered by the Microsoft Translator live feature, built on Microsoft Translator APIs. Part of the Microsoft Cognitive Services collection, Microsoft Translator enables businesses to add end-to-end, real-time speech translations to their applications or services.

In addition, the add-in also leverages another Cognitive Services API, Custom Speech Service, to extract from the slides and notes acronyms, technical, or other presentation specific content to create a custom speech recognition model in a few minutes.

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