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Customer survey: Let us know what new or improved Microsoft Translator API features you’d like to see

We always love to hear from customers to find out how we can improve the Microsoft Translator service. To help give you even more of a voice, we are launching a survey so that you can tell us directly what product features and capabilities you would like to see in the Microsoft Translator API, including:  Text Translation  Speech Translation  Machine translation customization (Custom Translator service)  Microsoft Translator local feature ….

Communicate with customers in their language using multilingual bots

Are you looking to add multilingual support to your bot? Using the Azure Bot Service V4 SDK, your bot can use Microsoft Translator to automatically translate messages to the language your bot  understands, and optionally translate the bot’s replies back to the user’s language. What’s a bot? A bot is an app that users interact with in a conversational way….

Travel tools: 18 new AI-powered offline translation packs for your next adventure

In addition to the existing languages, you can now translate to and from the following languages without an internet connection using AI-powered Neural Machine Translation (NMT) technology: Bangla Bulgarian Czech Danish Dutch Estonian Finnish Greek Hebrew Hindi Hungarian Norwegian Polish Romanian Slovak Swedish Tamil Turkish   With these offline translation packs, users can translate text they type, share from a….

Assistive Technology podcast: Will Lewis talks about Microsoft Translator’s role in bridging communication gaps

Will Lewis, Principal Technical Program Manager with Microsoft Translator, spoke with the Indiana Assistive Technology Act (INDATA) Project at Easter Seals Crossroads about why Translator is an important assistive technology tool, and how this tool can impact how we engage and communicate with one another.   You have someone who is visiting from China, they don’t speak English.  How do….

Webinar: Learn how to use PubNub’s Translator BLOCK to build translation capabilities into your apps

PubNub, a company that offers real-time infrastructure-as-a-service, has partnered with Microsoft Translator and integrated our latest text API into its offering.   Now, developers can leverage Translator’s newest features and capabilities through ChatEngine, an open and extensible chat SDK and APIs for building 1:1 group chats quickly. Register here and watch the free webinar – “Serverless Language Translation On-the-Fly with….

Microsoft Translator launches Levantine Arabic as a new speech translation language

Microsoft Translator has released Levantine, an Arabic dialect spoken in countries such as Lebanon, Jordan, and Syria, as its latest AI-powered speech translation language. It will help businesses, educators, travelers, and non-profits communicate across the language barrier with Levantine speakers during meetings, presentations, and Skype calls.   credit: Photo of Beit ed-Dine in Lebanon by Oida666 from Wikimedia Commons  ….

Onslow County Schools in North Carolina uses Microsoft Translator for student success and parent-teacher communication

Did you know that Microsoft Translator can be used in schools to help students who are English Language Learners pass their final exams and facilitate communication between parents and teachers? Read all about how the Microsoft Translator live feature breaks language barriers and provides translation capabilities for diverse populations. Microsoft for Education blog

Mac users can now translate Microsoft Word documents into 60+ languages

Microsoft Office 365 announced the availability of Translator for Word on Mac, an intelligent, cloud-based service that can translate selected words or entire documents into over 60 languages. Read all about Word’s translation features here, and check out the Office 365 blog for more information about their latest features.   Check out more products that feature Microsoft Translator Presentation Translator….

Microsoft Research podcast: “Not lost in translation with Arul Menezes”

“I think the goal for translation today is to make the language barrier disappear for people in everyday contexts…at work, when they’re traveling, so that they can communicate without a language barrier.” – Arul Menezes   Arul Menezes, Partner Research Manager of the Machine Translation team, spoke with Microsoft Research’s podcast team about the advances in machine translation, and how….

PubNub integrates Microsoft Translator to enable multilingual chats

PubNub, a company that offers real-time infrastructure-as-a-service, has partnered with Microsoft Translator to integrate the Translator Text API in its offering. Developers can now leverage Translator’s newest features and capabilities through ChatEngine, an open and extensible chat SDK and APIs for building powerful 1:1 group chats quickly.   To read more about how to get started with PubNub and how….