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Microsoft Translator adds Icelandic as a supported language

Microsoft Translator is excited to announce the launch of our latest AI-powered text translation language: Icelandic. It is the first publicly available neural machine translation (NMT) system. Building this system  was a significant technical challenge for the research team due to the limited amount of available training data. To achieve the required translation quality, the team tested and relied on several….

Customizable speech transcription, translation, and synthesis now available in the unified Speech service

Integrate speech into your apps, workflows, and websites using the unified Speech service, announced this week at Microsoft Build. Speech combines the capabilities of the existing Translator Speech API, Bing Speech API, and Custom Speech Service (preview) into a unified and fully customizable service. You can now use the speech to text, speech translation, and text to speech services with….

Customize your neural translations with the new Translator custom feature

Translate your company’s content better than ever by customizing Microsoft Translator’s state-of-the-art Neural Machine Translation (NMT) with the new Translator custom feature, announced this week at Microsoft Build. Use the new custom feature with the new Translator text translation API (V3) or the preview of the new unified Speech service. With the custom feature, you can now customize not only….

Introducing Translator Text API V3: natively neural with advanced capabilities

The new Microsoft Translator text API version 3 is now available for developers. It natively uses neural machine translation, offers a modern API implementation, and makes it easier than ever to add advanced translation to your sites, apps, and workflows.   What’s New The latest V3 release is the first end-to-end update of the API itself, offering several new translation….

Discover the new Microsoft Translator Windows 10 app: redesigned for productivity

Download and try the new Microsoft Translator Windows 10 app redesigned from the ground up for productivity. An integrated solution for translation on Windows 10, built on the latest generation AI machine translation technologies, it will help users increase their productivity for all their translation related tasks. Getting translations done has never been easier. The redesigned app features Cortana integration,….

Microsoft brings AI-powered translation to end users and developers, whether you’re online or offline

Microsoft Translator has added new capabilities that allow users and developers to get artificial intelligence-powered translations whether or not they have access to the Internet. The new capabilities allow both end-users and third-party app developers to have the benefit of neural translation technology regardless of whether the device is connected to the cloud or offline. ​ When using the Microsoft….

How Rochester Institute of Technology uses Microsoft Translator to scale accessibility support in its classrooms

Empowering classrooms to be more inclusive for students who are deaf or hard of hearing students is a key mission of the Rochester Institute of Technology’s (RIT) National Technical Institute for the Deaf. To scale this mission, RIT brought in Microsoft Translator’s AI-powered Presentation Translator. Using AI-powered speech and language technology, the PowerPoint add-in automatically creates real-time captions, helping to….

Neural Machine Translation reaches historic milestone: human parity for Chinese to English translations

Microsoft announced today that its researchers have developed an AI machine translation system that can translate with the same accuracy as a human from Chinese to English.  To validate the results, the researchers used an industry standard test set of news stories (newstest2017) to compare human and machine translation results.  To further ensure accuracy of the evaluation, the team also….

API customer text translations no longer logged by Microsoft Translator

Microsoft Translator Text API translations are no longer logged for training purposes to improve the quality of the Translator service. No data sent for translation through the Microsoft Translator Text API will be kept, and no record of the submitted text will be saved in persistent storage in any Microsoft data center.   Previously, Microsoft Translator recorded a small sample (10%) of random, non-sequential, anonymized data coming through the API. This was used for training purposes to improve translation quality. Paid subscribers, subscribing to a minimum of 250….

Introducing 6 new text to speech languages

Microsoft Translator adds 6 new languages to the list of text to speech languages, bringing the total number of supported languages to 36. Text to speech audio output allows you to play translated text in its native accent.   As mentioned in the Cognitive Services blog, the languages were added to the Bing Speech API in early February, and are now available in the Translator Text and Speech APIs, as well as….