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Translator Solutions in Action: Microsoft Services Global Delivery

Over the next few weeks, we’ll be showcasing how various teams around Microsoft have been able to use Translator to improve their internal and external operations in areas such as readiness, communications, customer support, forums and user groups, and web localization. Translator has proved to be a valuable tool for many teams across Microsoft, and we’re happy to be able to share their stories.



Team: Microsoft Services Global Delivery
Solution: Customer Support

Microsoft Services Global Delivery (MSGD) serves customers around the globe, especially catering to markets such as Asia-Pacific (including China) and Latin America. For overseas engagement in these regions, MSDG needs quick document translation – but the volume is too high for human translators.

By using the Microsoft Translator API, MSGD was able to develop internal translation tools which can instantly read any Microsoft Office or PDF document and translate it in-place, using secure connections, without compromising any content or images. They also created a system which allows customers to communicate with them through two-way translation of XML, bridging the language gap when dealing with their customers’ legacy code.

MSGD has been using their new translation system since 2013 for documentation in the Asia-Pacific and Latin American markets. The system has increased their business agility, allowing for quicker turnaround and seamless collaboration with their customers. 


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