FASTER: An Embedded Key-Value Store for State Management


July 18, 2019


Badrish Chandramouli


Microsoft Research


Management of large application state is one of the hardest problems for cloud and edge apps today. We demonstrate FASTER, a new open-source concurrent key-value store from Microsoft Research, that supports larger-than-memory data while providing unprecedented performance for the hot working set in main memory. FASTER achieves up to orders-of-magnitude better throughput than systems deployed widely today. FASTER is available in C# and C++ and can work with any storage backend such as local SSD and cloud storage. FASTER is currently being integrated into services such as Azure Stream Analytics. Our demonstration focuses on: (1) the ease with which cloud applications and state stores can deeply integrate state management into their C# or C++ logic at low overhead; and (2) the innovative system design and the resulting high performance, adaptability to varying memory capacities, durability, and natural caching properties of our system.